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Corrida Dom Rep Toro (20)


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Dressed in unabashed yellow, this CORRIDA is the opposite of shy and retiring. It challenges and entices with a balanced yet independent blend of milder, slow matured tobacco from the Dominican Republic.

It comes enveloped in a double-fermented wrapper from Ecuador. The overall composition is one of endearing sweetness with naturally spicy undertones and an aroma which is full yet fine. Together, these factors guarantee a superb taste experience in a class of its own.

Cigar Type: Toro
Ring Gauge: 20.60 mm
Cigar Length: 152 mm
Cigars per box: 20

Optional Packaging Options (Cigars Only):

We recommend having your boxes Opened and Inspected to prevent mould or plume on your cigars, any cigars not inspected will not be eligible for refunds or returns due to plume.