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Rocky Patel Edge Connecticut Double Corona (20)


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The Edge Connecticut by Rocky Patel was created for those seeking big-time flavor without the knockout punch associated with the other Edge powerful blends. Edge Connecticut is comprised of a robust blend of Honduran-grown ligero – the same tobaccos used for the original Edge cigar – inside a silky Connecticut shade wrapper that’s super smooth. This wrapper tames the filler blend inside, delivering a smoother, creamier blend but retaining the complex layers of flavor that made the Edge brand so popular. The Rocky Patel The Edge Connecticut has earned a well-deserved 91-point rating, the blend is a sweet and spicy cigar with hints of citrus and a floral finish. The smoke is dense in texture and the cigar draws quite consistently.

Cigar Format : Double Corona
Cigar Length : 7 1/2″
Cigar Ring Gauge : 52
Cigars Per Box : 20

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