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Cuban Cigars | Online Cuban Cigars at Puroexpress
Cuban Cigars | Online Cuban Cigars at Puroexpress

Welcome to Puroexpress, the Cuban Cigar Store, your destination for authentic Habanos Cuban cigars. As one of the most respected online vendors of Cuban cigars, we have developed a reputation for providing top-quality hand-made cigars and personalized shipping service since 1997. Our extensive selection of authentic Cuban cigars is unmatched, and we guarantee the lowest prices online. We are constantly updating our user-friendly website to make it easier for our customers to find the perfect Cuban cigar.

At our Cuban Cigar Store, we are dedicated to providing the best smoking experience possible. We carry all brands available, including collectable and limited edition releases. In addition to Cuban cigars, we also have a good selection of Dominican, Honduran, Nicaraguan, and European cigars to choose from.


Cuban Cigars | Online Cuban Cigars at Puroexpress

Delivering the finest cuban cigars to your doorstep since 1997.

Welcome to the Cuban Cigar Store – your trusted source for authentic Cuban cigars since 1997. If you’re looking to buy Cuban cigars online without the hassle of flying to Havana, you’ve come to the right place.

Puroexpress has been the oldest and most trusted online vendor of Habanos Cuban cigars for 25 years. We offer the best selection of authentic Cuban cigars at competitive prices, and we’ll deliver them straight to your door.

With over two decades of experience in the cigar industry, you can trust us to provide only the highest quality cigars. Thank you for choosing the our Cuban Cigar Store for all of your cigar needs.

Cuban Cigars | Online Cuban Cigars at Puroexpress

Online Cuban Cigars and Unbranded Premium Cigars at low prices!

Welcome to Puroexpress, the premier online destination for Cuban cigars since 1997. We are the most trusted cigar shop online, offering a wide range of authentic Cuban cigars from Habanos at the most competitive prices, with a delivery guarantee.

In addition to Cuban cigars, we also offer a selection of other premium brands and our own line of premium cigar brands, including Merchant, Linea 44, Bespoke, and Farm Rolled.

Browse our selection of Cuban and premium cigars today and experience the excellence of Puroexpress.


PUROEXPRESS and Cuban Cigars

Cuban cigars are world-renowned for their quality, flavor, and exclusivity. But where did these iconic cigars come from? The history of the cigar can be traced back to the Mayan era, when the ancient Aztecs and Mayans used cigars for spiritual and mental well-being. However, it was the arrival of Christopher Columbus in the Americas that introduced cigars to the rest of the world.

Hispaniola (present-day Haiti, the Dominican Republic, and Cuba) was where Columbus first encountered the practice of smoking dried tobacco leaves wrapped in plantain leaves. The Spanish Conquistadors adopted this local custom and began exporting the dried leaves to Europe. It wasn’t long before they realized that rolling the tobacco locally before exporting it ensured the quality remained for longer. Cigars became a status symbol associated with luxury and wealth, and Havana cigars in particular were prized for their artisanship and prestige.

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Due to new shipping laws we are only permitted to ship two (2) boxes per order. If you wish to order more than two boxes you can do so by placing another order.

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Cuban Cigars | Online Cuban Cigars at Puroexpress

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