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Refund, Reship, Cancellation and Return Policy

What our satisfaction guarantee covers:
Our guarantee covers damage, mold (not plume) and that you will either receive the order or be refunded. As an organic product, flavour will certainly vary from cigar to cigar and batch to batch and will also depend on how long they have been allow to mature in your humidor, similar to wine. We cannot cover personal preference.

Our arrival guarantee applies up to 60 days after shipment date, all non arrivals and additional issues must be dealt with within this time frame. We cannot reship, or refund after this period.

Additionally issues such as damage, mould, incorrect shipment etc must be dealt with on arrival, please inspect your cigars and immediately inform us of any concern, as this needs to be dealt with at that time and not later.

PLEASE NOTE: overseas orders may incur customs, tariffs, duties, value added tax (VAT) and/or other fees imposed by local authorities. We are not responsible for these fees, they are not included in your shipping charges. These fees are YOUR responsibility. If you refuse the shipment, we will subtract from your refund any fees and additional shipping charges that we incur. If you have any queries about additional customs, tariffs, or duties etc., please contact your local customs office prior to placing your order.

Refund and Returns:

All refunds for damage, incorrect shipment etc require a return. We will refund upon receipt.

If you receive cigars that are damaged, please contact us for the return details. The cigars must be packed in their original packaging and we will refund for unused product. We will not accept a return without the Return Number (RMA) clearly displayed on the package label.

Our return address is : Lyonnel Consulting SA, Rue St-Jean 8, 1260 Nyon, Switzerland.

Please note we will only refund the return shipping cost if our expert determines the cigars are defective in any way, or the incorrect cigars have been shipped.

Contact Us:  Please contact us by submitting an issue here.

Only in the case of faulty product, we will refund the return shipping cost, as long as shipping instructions have been followed and the Return Number (RMA number) has been clearly displayed.

Reship/Refund for non Arrival:

Shipping takes 7 – 21 working days and can be longer over holiday periods, please allow this for arrival. If you are staying in temporary accommodation, eg hotels etc. do not use this as your shipping address.

Should your cigars not arrive after 28 working days (excluding weekends and holidays), we will reship or refund your order, at this point.

Please note! Check your address carefully before completing your order, this guarantee will not cover an incorrectly entered shipping address.

The place of delivery must be a secure location, this is the customers responsibility!

Cancelling an order:

Please review your selection extra carefully before completing payment, once payment has been completed it is unlikely that we will be able to prevent shipping in time. Therefore you cannot cancel an order once it has been paid.

Contacting Us:

If you have questions or need to be supplied return address and RMA please use our issues system by clicking on this link. We will answer any questions usually within 10 hours.

Shipping Address:

The shipping address must be a permanent address, we do not ship to temporary holiday accomodation/destinations.

Sealed Boxes

There are times when quality control will complete a final inspection and break open a box and then reseal, on occasion they forget to reseal. It is also possible for seals to moisten and drop off while stored in the humidor. We can never guarantee you will receive an unopened box.


Puroexpress.com is owned & operated by Lyonnel Consulting SA, Rue St-Jean 8, 1260 Nyon, Switzerland.


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Governing law

Any disputes arising between the merchant and the cardholder will be governed by the Court of the country where the company of record is incorporated. ie. Switzerland.

General Ordering

1. We reserve the right to cancel any order if there has been an error in our description, stock or price.

2. We reserve the right to cancel any order that we deem to be too risky for our business.

3. Customers can only make one order, within our risk assessment, and can only make a second order, once the first order has been received and confirmed as received.

4. Customers who try to “beat” the system, by doing multiple orders, or by other means undermine puroexpress, will find that we cancel all orders and stop doing business with them.