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For those of us who can instantly recognise quality craftsmanship, I’m happy to say your search for the perfect cigar is over. Introducing the ultimate premium cigars, born in Cuba and handcrafted to perfection in Nicaragua with premium tobacco leaves from the fields of Esteli.

We’ve always listened intently to feedback and paid close attention to the cigars our customers were coming back for year after year. That was the basis of our search for the perfect smoke that would take us around the world and end up in a tiny town in Nicaragua more than two decades later.

When we first started hearing murmurings that a Cuban Cigar Renaissance was happening in Nicaragua, naturally we were intrigued. It was a story of rebirth, passion, devotion to preserving a craft and ultimately the resilience required to persevere against tremendous odds. So we made our way to Esteli to see for ourselves if the goods could live up to the hype.

What we found were ideal growing conditions to create tobacco that is bold yet stunningly smooth and it was love at first puff. We knew our search was over when we met the passionate craftsmen. They had strong Cuban roots and come from a long tradition of crafting luxury cigars with consistency. It’s been quite a journey to create a cigar we could be proud to call our own, but we think you’ll agree it was worth it when you light up your Merchant Cigar.

So if you can find your way around a wine list as easily as your playlist, naturally you can handle a cigar adeptly. The only trouble is keeping your humidor stocked full of cigars worth smoking, am I right? Our select range of cigars is a tribute to following your curiosity wherever it may lead you. They’re elegant and modern with a dose of rebellion, just like those who smoke them.

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