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Farm Rolled Laguito No. 6 (20)


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Farm Rolled is our perfect handcrafted cigar.

After more than 20 years in the business we have gotten to know all the mayor players.

The right seed grown in the perfect soil and in the correct climate is just the beginning. Then only the best tobacco leaf is used and made in the same farms and by the same people that make premium and famous brands which you pay much more for. Our great relationship with several great brands allows us to buy overstock and offer them to you as our “Farm Rolled” cigars.

So If you know your cigars, and want to enjoy premium cigars without the hefty price tag, then Farm Rolled is your choice.

Cigar Format : Laguito
Cigar Length : 6 1/2”
Cigar Ring Gauge : 57
Cigars Per Box : 20

Optional Packaging Options (Cigars Only):

We recommend having your boxes Opened and Inspected to prevent mould or plume on your cigars, any cigars not inspected will not be eligible for refunds or returns due to plume.