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Bespoke Nicaragua Short Robusto (4 x 60) (20)


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Packaging Options

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Puroexpress Rating: 94



Meet the Bespoke Nicaragua Short Robusto, a paragon of exceptional craftsmanship that serves a smoking experience like no other. With its dimensions, it strikes the perfect balance between a substantial feel and a comfortable grip, promising a truly bespoke journey of indulgence.


Tasting Review Profile

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan (Esteli, Condega, Jalapa)
Ring Gauge: 60
Length: 4″
Strength: Full-Bodied


Tasting Notes:

Pre-Light Experience: Taking center stage is a smooth, glistening Habano seed wrapper nurtured in the bountiful soils of Ecuador. Its delicate veins almost imperceptible, the wrapper presents a visual feast that piques your interest from the very first glance. The expertly applied cap and the sophisticated finish further enhance its allure, setting the stage for the explosion of flavors that awaits within.

Initial Third: Upon ignition, the Short Robusto delivers a mild yet enticing initial draw, subtly hinting at black pepper. This is swiftly followed by full-bodied flavors of dry wood and the characteristic richness of habano, setting the stage for a truly memorable smoke.

Second Third: As the cigar progresses, the flavors evolve and deepen, offering a complex, satisfying smoking experience. The robust profile continues to develop, with the initial black pepper notes giving way to richer, earthier tones that captivate the palate.

Final Third: The final third maintains the rich, full-bodied character of the cigar, with a harmonious blend of flavors that linger pleasantly. The consistency of the draw and burn throughout the smoke ensures a premium experience from start to finish.


Construction and Burn:

Handcrafted with precision in Nicaragua, the Short Robusto boasts an impeccable build. Its structure guarantees a steady burn and an effortless draw, making it a prime example of superior craftsmanship.


Why Choose Bespoke Nicaragua Short Robusto?

The Bespoke Nicaragua Short Robusto isn’t for the casual observer – it is a celebration of full-bodied, robust flavors. If you seek to elevate your cigar journey, the Short Robusto stands ready to take you on a voyage of unparalleled depth and satisfaction. Embrace the Bespoke Nicaragua Short Robusto experience today, and let it redefine your perception of luxury and enjoyment. It’s not just a cigar – it’s an unforgettable journey into the heart of indulgence.

Cigar Type: Short Robusto
Ring Gauge:60
Cigar Length: 4″
Cigars Per Box: 20
Cigar Strength:

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