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Horacio Maduro H6 (15)


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Packaging Options
Packaging Options

We recommend having your boxes Opened and Inspected to prevent mould or plume on your cigars, any cigars not inspected will not be eligible for refunds or returns due to plume.


This number 6 of the Horacio brand impresses by its size: 2.62 cm in diameter for 10 cm long. Wrapped in a perfectly stretched dark wrapper, it releases raw scents of leather and black pepper. The lighting is done without surprise, the puffs are very generous and fill the palate with woody and spicy notes. From the 2nd third, a beautiful smoothness will come to accompany the tasting. An extraordinary module which will delight the amateurs of full-bodied and satiating cigars.This fresh cigar, with a complex and greedy aromatic profile, is perfectly suitable for an afternoon tasting or after a meal.

Cigar Type : Gordito Extra
Cigar Length : 102mm
Cigar Ring Gauge : 66
Cigars Per Box : 15
Cigar Strength:

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